A Beetle Infestation Killed My Tree

I never realized that an insect could kill a tree. I know that just one could not do it, but a swarm of one type of insect can do enough damage to actually kill a tree. That is what happened to us. There used to be a very large oak tree out back.It was far enough back that I never really noticed anything amiss with it. It was not until I went back to pick up some limbs that had come down from a storm that I knew I needed to call a Suffolk County tree service to help me figure out what was wrong with the tree.

Up close, it did not look healthy at all. There were splotches of something all over it, and it just looked odd to me. I had never had to call a tree service before, so I went online to a local review site. It is a really neat community site where people rate all the local companies. I knew that I would find the best tree service this way. I wanted one that could get the job done quickly, and I also wanted one that would not charge me an arm and a leg to do it.

An overwhelming amount of people who reviewed various tree services all seemed to have really good things to say about Suffolk County Tree Service. I went to their website and saw that I was able to get a free quote, so that is just what I did. I filled in all the information, and I heard back from them the next morning. I honestly thought it would take a few days to hear from them, so I was impressed with their customer service just from that. They came out and ended up taking the tree down because it was just too diseased to save, thanks to a beetle infestation. I am just glad I caught that before they infested my other trees too!