A Quick Guide to HTML5 Design Choices

finally we have drew barrymore by adding blonde tips toOne of the best things about the current decade is how many choices it gives one for web design. The days when one needed to type basic HTML into a plain text file are gone, as is the period when a website was best made dynamically as a binary blob of data. These days one can have all the compatibility of a pure text based environment with the dynamic and flashy elements of a plugin based design. The reason for this comes down to something known as HTML5. This technology is actually a bit misleading in terms of naming conventions. It’s true that HTML enhancements carry a lot of the technology’s strength. However, what makes it a really exciting and dynamic technology is how this mixes with compiled javascript. This synergistic mix creates something better than either are alone.

This brings up an important question though, how can one get started with it? The easiest way is to check with one’s existing infrastructure. Many services actually have HTML5 based options in the testing phase. WordPress, for example, has a number of plugins which are based on HTML5. Youtube is another great example. While they tend to default to flash based solutions, they also offer one the ability to host files using an HTML5 based player. These videos are notable for being able to play on almost any device, whether they support flash or not.

However, it might turn out that you have to write the HTML5 functionality for yourself. If that’s the case, there’s no need for despair. Thankfully there’s a number of libraries in development which make the prospect a lot less intimidating. Of these, the current king is known as jQuery. This library provides a number of abstracted javascript functions. In particular though, they have a special set of functions which are targeted to usability and graphic design. This library, known as jQuery UI, makes beautiful cross platform interface development fairly simple. Most people will be able to go from novice to competent in just a few hours of study.