A Security System Protects in Many Ways

I was watching the news a few weeks ago when I heard about a home invasion about eight miles from where I live. That scared me, because the area where it happened is where I normally go grocery shopping. It is a quiet area, and it was the first time such a serious crime had happened there like that. I knew that it was just going to continue to get worse, and I thought how vulnerable I was. I went online and started doing some research, and that is how I started to learn about ADT home security systems.

Naturally, I had heard of these systems before, but I never thought I needed one. Those types of systems are for people in high crime areas. Well, that was my assumption, at least, and it was wrong. I did not realize that a security system is not just to protect people from people on the outside. They are in place to help protect against the dangers from within as well. The entire home can be monitored for carbon monoxide and smoke, alerting not only me but the monitoring service if there is a problem.

There are so many ways to control the system too. I can use the keypad that is placed close to the entry, or I can use the keyless remote that I have on my key chain. I can also use the digital keypad that is upstairs in our bedroom. The neatest part about this though is that I can control it with my phone too. I can use my phone to set the alarm or even disarm it if that is necessary for whatever reason. I can look at logs on my smart phone too. I can even change the temperature on the thermostat miles away this way. It is amazing that a home security system is good for more than just keeping criminal elements out!