Anyone Can Choose a Taste

My friends and I usually go out to drink on Fridays. I’m not that much of a beer connoisseur, so I usually just order the usual beer at the bar. I wanted to taste more than the usual beer, but I wasn’t sure what drinks would suit my tastes. One Friday night while nursing a beer, I came up with a brilliant idea. I did some searching for app development companies, which lead me to That day, my mind gave birth to an idea that would solve my beer woes.

My idea for the app takes all of the beers in the world into account, and arranges them based on how they taste. When I am feeling like having a particular taste from my beer, I can choose in the app that specific taste, and then the app will show me beers that deliver that taste. Not only that, the app will also show me which of these beers are available in my area, which are domestic and which are imported, and even which are local brews. As new beers are created by companies, they can be added to the app’s beer database either by users, or by the developers themselves. The beers are cross checked to make sure that no one is submitting joke submissions or beers that don’t actually exist.

The app took a couple of months to make and test. Once it was completed, it began rolling out to various markets. Whenever I go to drink with my friends now, I select a beer taste from the app and just order one. I always see people using the app in the bar when they order a beer too. I want to expand the app to include other types of drinks like cocktails. There are a lot of drink varations to consider, so the team will have lots of work.