My Husband Lost His Leg

My husband was involved in a car accident about eight months ago. Some car accidents are minor and people get very lucky, and some accidents are like the one my husband was involved in. He was driving down the freeway when another truck crossed the median and hit his truck head on. My husband lost his right leg and had multiple broken bones and internal injuries. He was unconscious for several days, and I knew that I was going to need to have an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento help me because our future just went from looking bright to looking like our worst nightmare.

Because of the pain he was in, the doctors induced a coma so he would not feel it. They said it would be better for his healing for the first few days, and it would give them a better picture of his prognosis. Continue reading My Husband Lost His Leg

Getting Ready to Move out of the Dormitory

I just became a sophomore at NC State in Raleigh and that means that I do not have to live in the dorms any longer. So I have started to look for an apartment that I can afford and which is on the Wolf Line, which is the University’s bus line. Of course I have sold my beat up old car since it is of very little use to me except when I go home for the holidays. I can take the bus or the train back to High Point and it is not that big of a deal however. In fact you hardly ever find a place to park your car anywhere close to where you want to be on campus and either way it usually takes a good long time to find a spot to park the vehicle. It is a lot easier and a lot quicker to get on the bus. You can track it on the internet and then just walk down to the corner right as it arrives. Continue reading Getting Ready to Move out of the Dormitory

Learning to Manage Your Time

When I bought my first house I had convinced myself that I was utterly and completely prepared for it. I was totally ready for it, I tell you in complete 100% sincerity. Of course, what I wasn’t ready for was the sheer amount of upkeep that was necessary to own a home. So here I am, morose and depressed that I suddenly find myself with even less time on my hands than I once had thanks to a house. Owning a home is like having a second job. I found house cleaning in Tampa FL out of desperation – is there any other service out there that can actually make you feel worse than house cleaning services?

Don’t get me wrong. Continue reading Learning to Manage Your Time

I Feel Happy About My Recent Hair Extension Order

My doctors found a brain tumor 6 months ago, and I had to go an operation as a result. I was so scared and was not sure of what to expect, but it has turned out to be okay. I lost most of my hair on my head due to the operation, and it has been growing back slowly, so I asked around to see what advice other people had for me. Several people said that I should look at virgin hair bundle deals and get hair that looks like my hair normally does.

Everyone assured me that I would be very happy with the results of using hair extensions. I knew that a lot of young girls used them, but I wondered if they were for someone like me. Continue reading I Feel Happy About My Recent Hair Extension Order

Getting Through Emergencies with No Savings and Bad Credit is Tough

Sometimes you can have a job for years and even have a checking and savings account but still not be able to get a quick personal loan from your bank. Anything can damage credit from medical bills to divorce. A layoff caused us to have a car repossession and some defaults in our credit obligations a few years ago. Our credit is still not back to a good number. However, we got in a bind and needed cash loans twice since our credit was damaged. We got the payday type of cash advance loans to help us get through the rough times.

Of course, if we had great credit, we could have gotten a longer term lower interest loan. Continue reading Getting Through Emergencies with No Savings and Bad Credit is Tough

A Security System Protects in Many Ways

I was watching the news a few weeks ago when I heard about a home invasion about eight miles from where I live. That scared me, because the area where it happened is where I normally go grocery shopping. It is a quiet area, and it was the first time such a serious crime had happened there like that. I knew that it was just going to continue to get worse, and I thought how vulnerable I was. I went online and started doing some research, and that is how I started to learn about ADT home security systems.

Naturally, I had heard of these systems before, but I never thought I needed one. Those types of systems are for people in high crime areas. Well, that was my assumption, at least, and it was wrong. I did not realize that a security system is not just to protect people from people on the outside. They are in place to help protect against the dangers from within as well. The entire home can be monitored for carbon monoxide and smoke, alerting not only me but the monitoring service if there is a problem.

There are so many ways to control the system too. Continue reading A Security System Protects in Many Ways

A Quick Guide to HTML5 Design Choices

finally we have drew barrymore by adding blonde tips toOne of the best things about the current decade is how many choices it gives one for web design. The days when one needed to type basic HTML into a plain text file are gone, as is the period when a website was best made dynamically as a binary blob of data. These days one can have all the compatibility of a pure text based environment with the dynamic and flashy elements of a plugin based design. The reason for this comes down to something known as HTML5. This technology is actually a bit misleading in terms of naming conventions. It’s true that HTML enhancements carry a lot of the technology’s strength. However, what makes it a really exciting and dynamic technology is how this mixes with compiled javascript. This synergistic mix creates something better than either are alone.

This brings up an important question though, how can one get started with it? The easiest way is to check with one’s existing infrastructure. Continue reading A Quick Guide to HTML5 Design Choices

Simple Advice to Enhance Website Design

straight sort of like tyra banks or miranda cosgrove examplesWith so many people out there owning a website or just starting to design one, it can be hard knowing how it can all work in your favor. If you aren’t entirely sure what to do, you can easily appreciate some simple and straightforward advice. Many websites aren’t as eye-catching or set up as well as they could be. Follow some of the following tips and you will see how your website can be easily improved without being a programming genius.

Choose a font that is easy to read for people of all ages. Not everyone has 20/20 vision, this makes it imperative that you choose a font that properly displays and is easily read. Some of the popular fonts such as Verdana and Times New Roman are sufficient, but makes sure that you display text in at least 12 or 14 point lettering.

Avoid choosing colors that are hard on the eyes. Many websites try to set the mood by choosing a black background contrasted with white or red text. A layout with easily clashing colors will prevent people from being able to read what you have to say. Choose a lighter background such as white, beige or pastel colors with dark lettering such as black or navy blue.

Make sure that your graphics display properly on your website and the graphics are able to load properly. It is imperative that you keep in mind that some people have older computers or a slower Internet connection. Choose graphics that are easily displayed and save them in .jpg format. Saving your files in .jpg format will allow the full resolution bit of the picture to display. In lesser terms, your pictures will not appear grainy or low quality.

Your website should be easy to navigate as well! Don’t make people guess where your links are. Make sure you have a clear navigation bar that re-directs to the correct webpages. By choosing to do this and using some simple precautions, your website will serve its full potential.