Fixed My Child’s Chronic Ear Infections

No one was more surprised than I when a chiropractor in Beverly Hills managed to fix my child’s seemingly endless series of ear infections. It was such a relief to move past a problem that has consumed at least three years of my child’s life. We spent those three years trying everything under the sun to figure out how to get rid of these infections. We visited more doctors than my husband and I could count, and we tried everything from herbal concoctions to vitamin injections to different diets and nothing seemed to work. It was so frustrating.

When a friend suggested we look into a chiropractor for the ear infections, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. How could ear infections be related to spinal alignment? My child never had an accident or an injury that caused spinal damage, and she never complained about back pain and her gait seemed correct and healthy. We thought the whole thing was a lark until we thought about how many specialists we saw over the last three years. We both decided to make an appointment and give it a shot. We figured we would at least exhaust another option.

I made the appointment and then did some research online and I did find evidence that a misalignment in a certain area of the back could cause chronic ear infections. I mentioned this to the chiropractor and she explained how it happens in some detail but in a way we could understand. She very carefully performed some adjustments on our daughter and did it again over the course of a few more visits. The ear infections are gone! We can’t believe it! It’s been months and not a single incident has occurred. My husband and I are both believers now!