Getting My Back Normal After a Ladder Mishap

I remember stepping back on the ladder and there was no floor underneath my foot. I was focusing on the work I had just done up at the ceiling, and thought I was on the last rung of the ladder. Well, I was one up from the bottom. It is an eerie feeling to fall in slow motion. The tile floor was hard, and my back and arm hurt. I did not break anything, but I twisted myself up bad enough to cause me to make an urgent appointment with the Sacramento chiropractors that I have gone to in the past.

I must have really wrenched myself around trying to right myself in order not to hit the floor. It did not work. I was using every muscle I could muster in order not to fall, and it caused me to fall in sort of a slow motion dance. People watching me thought it was kind of funny. I imagine it did look funny, but the pain was not humorous at all. It hurt even worse the next day. When my boss asked me what happened, I joked and told him that I was on the ladder, and I just stepped back to admire my work. He did not think that was funny, as he was worried about an insurance claim.

A few visits to the chiropractor was all it cost my work. I was feeling great after the first visit, but I did realize that inflammation can be a tricky thing. Once I healed up, I was okay. The chiropractor got the pressure off of the nerves, and that resulted in an immediate and noticeable improvement. I was feeling better with each chiropractor visit. It was not long until I was back to being my regular adorable and annoying self. I think my boss missed me.