Getting Ready to Move out of the Dormitory

I just became a sophomore at NC State in Raleigh and that means that I do not have to live in the dorms any longer. So I have started to look for an apartment that I can afford and which is on the Wolf Line, which is the University’s bus line. Of course I have sold my beat up old car since it is of very little use to me except when I go home for the holidays. I can take the bus or the train back to High Point and it is not that big of a deal however. In fact you hardly ever find a place to park your car anywhere close to where you want to be on campus and either way it usually takes a good long time to find a spot to park the vehicle. It is a lot easier and a lot quicker to get on the bus. You can track it on the internet and then just walk down to the corner right as it arrives. In theory it would be terrific if I could fine one or two people with which to share a two bedroom or a three bedroom place with. The difference between a single bedroom place and one with two or three is relatively little, definitely less than twice as much. So in theory you could pay something like 270 dollars a month in rent by splitting the cost of a place with another person. A single bedroom place is going to be something 420 dollars per month. Then you could split the cost of getting the Internet and so forth as well. The trouble is that you need to pick people who are going to follow through with what they agree to do. It is not going to be easy to know who does that.