Getting That First Time Singapore Experience

A neighbor of mine has a cousin in Singapore. Companies contract different talent to get jobs done. The cousin works for a company that needed an expert with integrating software with a machine that I was very familiar with. I got a job as a subcontractor for a couple of months. My wife and I stayed in Singapore at a residential property they call an Executive Condo. It was a really nice place, and it is actually what you might call the budget properties in Singapore. You can see examples at The New Launch Collections. That website has listings for built and proposed Executive Condominium projects as well as ones that are already occupied.

Outside of our building was one of the most beautiful swimming pools I have ever seen. It was long and curved and had steps on one side that went down into the water. You could line up 50 people side by side on those steps and walk down them into the pool. The condo we had faced the ocean, and it was a spectacular sight from the balcony. My wife and I would have our coffee out there in the early morning. I thought I had arrived in the summer because it was in the 80s as far as the temperature goes. However, I was advised that it is always like that in Singapore. They told me that January was the warmest month, but that it is warm all year.

I did not have any trouble with language as pretty much everyone spoke and understood English just as well as me. I did not need a translator doing the computer work. I was hoping they needed me to stick around for longer than two months, but at least my wife and I got to experience a pretty neat island nation in Asia.