Good User Experience is a Must in Technology

I wanted to take a user experience design course because to me it’s the most important thing in technology today. In fact, it’s probably always been the most important thing. It’s absolutely incredible to me how many horrible user interfaces I’ve run across in my nearly twenty years in the tech field. It’s like people don’t even think about how potential customers and users will interact with their app or software or website. I’ve seen so many businesses fail because they covered all of the bases, but didn’t pay any attention to the user experience. It’s just incredible, really.

I’ve worked in various tech fields for some time, but never spent much time dealing with the user experience. I left that to others, and in my businesses we usually had some good people doing great work in that area. I recently agreed to help a start up get off the ground, however, and they need a lot of help. In order to better understand how the user will experience their product, I decided to take a course so I can make sure this doesn’t crash and burn at the new company. I’ll use my knowledge from the course to make sure they’re doing a good job.

I found a school that offers various courses in this particular area, and signing up for a course was really easy. It wasn’t like a traditional university where you have to go through a lot of hoops to be able to take a class. I remember going through university years ago and it was just form after form after form. Here it didn’t take long at all. I’ve got a lot of experience in the area so that probably helped. I’m looking forward to getting through the course and applying my knowledge at the start up.