I Am Moving to Australia

This was something that I was really working towards, but I was not sure it was going to happen to be honest. I was expecting another guy to get the promotion, but that guy almost literally self destructed. It is never a wise career move to get involved in an extramarital affair with your boss’ wife. He thinks that I was involved in disclosing it, but I really had no idea. Right now I am cleaning out my apartment and trying to figure out if a post tenancy cleaning in Singapore makes sense. I figure that I would like to avoid paying them to clean up the place, but that it is pretty likely that the landlord is not going to want to give back my security deposit if they can get out of it. That is not really a surprise, but rather the way that things work in this world. People make agreements and when they can they use the fine print against you.

At any rate I do not really have a lot of stuff that is a big deal either way. I let my brothers come over with some of my pals and I sort of auctioned off my TV set and anything else that they wanted. Of course they probably realized that anything I could not sell was going to end up on the curb and they would just have to wait me out. I was really surprised that I got rid of the sofa bed that I had had for about six years. That thing is just incredibly heavy and obviously one person can not move it by themselves. Two could not move it easily and those guys probably had a hernia by the time that they got it back to the place that they share.