I Am Still All over the Country

I would love the corporate jets and the five star hotels a lot more if I were not the flunky who does what the rich guy tells me to do. At any rate I sort of got the scraps in a great way the other day. We were in Salt Lake City and absolutely nothing was going the way that it was supposed to go, the deal we were working upon was completely off of the rails. At any rate this was when a beautiful brown skinned girl showed up, a latina escort in Utah county was what I looked for when I found her. The boss is able to afford this sort of thing and he puts like this, you do not pay them to do what people think you pay them to do, you pay them to go away when you are done with them. At any rate he looked at the girl and told me to take her some place else. I asked him where and he told me to take her to my room and called me an idiot. Then he looked at me and asked if I liked girls.

I smiled and took the girl with me. She was really good at what she did, which started out with a lap dance. She told me that it had been awhile since she had been with a man that was not a lot older than she was and convinced me that she was really pleased. I was sold by all of her sweet lies and had to tell myself that you do not want to fall in love with this sort of girl. The next morning we had breakfast and she told me that she could stay until after lunch. I did not need her to give me another hint.