I Feel Happy About My Recent Hair Extension Order

My doctors found a brain tumor 6 months ago, and I had to go an operation as a result. I was so scared and was not sure of what to expect, but it has turned out to be okay. I lost most of my hair on my head due to the operation, and it has been growing back slowly, so I asked around to see what advice other people had for me. Several people said that I should look at virgin hair bundle deals and get hair that looks like my hair normally does.

Everyone assured me that I would be very happy with the results of using hair extensions. I knew that a lot of young girls used them, but I wondered if they were for someone like me. After all, I am in my 40s and have four children. This is when one of my girlfriends told me that she uses them. To prove it, she showed me. I was shocked! Not because she looked bad at all. My shock was quite the opposite because I thought her hair looked beautiful and often wished that mine was as healthy as hers. Thanks to her, I decided to order some.

When my order showed up, I called all my friends to tell them, and they suggested that we have a girl’s night and they would teach me how to put the extensions in. So, that is exactly what we did. Everyone showed up with appetizers to eat, and I got my house all ready for having 5 women over in my living room. I wanted to make sure that we had plenty of room to do whatever we needed to do.

We sat around and talked and we ate lots of good food. When we were done, everyone was excited about my new hair order. The nice thing is that with the help of two friends, we got them put in within only 10 minutes. I felt comfortable and happy with the entire process.