I Needed a Job to Fulfill Me

I needed a job, but not for the money. I was just bored, and I did not want to sit in my living room watching TV every single day. My kids were nearly all grown. The two youngest were still at home, but their social and school calendars were filled to the brim. I wasn’t even needed as a chauffeur anymore. My good friend is a part time helper for Singapore cleaning company, so I asked her if she liked what she does. She works a full time schedule, but she does not have the same clients every single day.

Some of the people she works for do not need full time cleaners, and that is why she enjoys the job so much. She told me she would be bored if she had to clean the same places every single day. She gets a wide variety in her schedule though, and she is doing something that she is really good at. She told me that the clients are super nice, and the company that employs her treats her like a star. I have been cleaning all my life, and it is something that gives me pleasure, so I decided to check into what she does.

My interview with the cleaning company could not have gone better. I really liked them, and they apparently liked me too because I was offered a job on the spot. I did have to go through training, which was very simple for someone like me. I liked that they did that though, since it makes all of us cleaners consistent and on the same page with one another. Since I have started cleaning, I am no longer bored. I enjoy my work, and it feels good to have a purpose again in life. Even my kids are happy that I am no longer trying to find something to do!