I Needed Proof of Income

I was evicted about a year ago from the apartment I was living in. It was not because of anything I had done though. The owner of the building wanted to sell it to a corporation that wanted to tear it down. I was thinking about moving anyway, so this came at a good time for me. I was not expecting to have one small thing trip me up for finding a new apartment though. Everywhere I went wanted me to show them real check stubs for my work pay, which was not possible at the time because I am self employed.

I am a blogger, and I also sell artwork I have created online. Between the two, I make a really good living from it. I offered to show my tax statements, but the policy for the apartments that I was looking at was to show a pay stub for proof of employment. I have never been one to let a small hurdle stop me from what I want, so I went online, knowing that there had to be a site where I would be able to create my own pay stub.

I could have done this on my own probably, but I had never created one before. I did not want to take the time to learn everything about it, plus find a program that would help me create one. I just needed one this one time so I could get the apartment that I really wanted. I was able to find a site quickly, and the entire process from start to finish took mere minutes. I paid a very low price to have it printed once it was emailed to me, and I gave it to the apartment manager. That was all I needed to get this apartment that I have now!