I Won Cleaning Services in a Raffle

I never thought that I would use any kind of home cleaning services for Singapore. It was an odd way that I started using them too. A local charity was having a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness. I ended up purchasing several raffle tickets where the winner would get anything from a mini shopping spree to free hair cuts or cleaning services. I truly never expected to win. I figured I was just donating money to a good cause. When I received the phone call that I had won two months of cleaning services, one of the bigger prizes, I asked if I could transfer it to a friend.

When I found out that I couldn’t, I honestly considered not taking advantage of it. I mean, I was quite capable of cleaning my own home. I decided to go ahead and use the service though, and I am so glad that I did. It was for once a week cleaning services, and I was both amazed and impressed with what all they told me they would do for me. Some of the things included chores that I don’t really care to do, so I did get excited a bit about that.

What got me really excited though was how good the cleaning service is. I always thought I did a good job cleaning myself, but they put me to shame. My kitchen actually sparkled when they were done. I thought that was just something that happened in television commercials, but I saw that it is a real thing. I also like the attention they give to the bathroom areas. The funny thing is, once my two months were up, I did not want them to leave. I had gotten so used to what they do, that I retained their once a week services on my own.