I’m Glad Dad Told Me to Make Sure the Furnace Works Before It Gets Too Cold out

I am so glad that my dad was insistent upon me being ready for the world. He taught me how to change a tire on my car, how to protect myself if someone tried to take my purse or a bag off my arm, and how to fix basic computer issues. He also taught me that I needed to check my air conditioner as well as my furnace well before I needed to use either one. He also made sure that I had the number for a reputable HVAC company in NYC as well as a plumber, electrician and car mechanic should something happen that I could not fix on my own.

I knew to change the furnace filters on a regular basis, and I did that. I also knew to check it at least one month before I was going to regularly use it, just to make sure that everything was fine with it. The last two years, I did just that and I had no problems at all. This past year though, nothing happened when I turned the furnace on in October to make sure all was okay. The only thing I knew to do was to call the HVAC company that my dad gave me the number for. They knew him and sent someone out to fix my furnace right away. I felt privileged to have such rapid service, but they said they treat all their customer like that.

The furnace is not old, but it is out of warranty. Of course it had to be. Anyway, the natural gas supply line is connected to a valve assembly that will only let the gas flow if all the safety systems indicate it is safe for the burner to operate. One of the sensors in the furnace had malfunctioned, and the gas to the burners was not permitted to come on because the system detected a fault. I am surprised I remember all that, but I do pay attention in order to learn. The repair was not expensive, but I am glad I had it done now instead of needing to call when it got really cold out.