It Has to Be Clean

My wife is a bit of a neat freak, and when we bought our first house, she insisted that we hire a pre moving in cleaning for Singapore. I told her that the previous owners of the home would more than likely have the home cleaned before we get there, but she insisted on hiring a service, so I started looking for one online. In the mean time, we packed up all of the items in our apartment, which was quite a hassle. I hadn’t realized that my wife and I collected so many items in the few years that we’ve lived in the apartment.

Packing everything took a couple of days. We hired a moving service to load our items into a truck and move it to our new home. The cleaning service let us know that the house was done, so we made our way over there. My wife and I have a lot of fond memories in that apartment, but it was time for us to move on to a better place, with a lot more room for when we decide to expand our family. My wife wants to have two kids, with a heavy preference for girls, while I want two boys.

The cleaning company did a good job on the house. The windows were spotless, the carpets were clean, and the bathrooms looked like they had never been used. The moving company unloaded the boxes from the truck and put them in our home one by one. Once again my wife and I were left with a hassle, which was unpacking all of the packed items. The extra storage space of the home really comes in handy. Anything that we wouldn’t regularly use, I just put it in the garage or the attic until it needed to be pulled out.