It Sure Works on a Broken Metabolism

Who knew something like CLA Safflower oil would work on someone with a broken metabolism? I sure didn’t. My metabolism went down the drain back in the early 1990s after a bout of bad behavior on my part. I spent a bit more time than I should have drinking and eating poorly and the next thing you know I started getting a gut. Getting a gut when you’re in your twenties isn’t a good sign. It means your metabolism has slowed down to the point where you’re not burning the necessary amount of fat. This was a shock considering I’m a skinny guy.

The gut persisted, in various sizes, for the next twenty years. Sometimes I’d get into the carbs a bit too much and it would expand. Other times I would work a job where I spent ten or more hours a day on my feet and the fat would almost entirely melt off. Regardless, some of it always stayed in place. As anyone knows, having a pronounced gut isn’t good for your health. It can be a warning sign for future problems with diabetes as well as heart issues. When I decided to wage war on it once and for all, CLA Safflower popped up on my radar.

CLA Safflower oil is essentially a fatty acid usually found in dairy and beef. I’m familiar with these types of acids, and I know they’re good for your heart among other things, but I didn’t know about their ability to suppress appetite and speed up metabolism until I did research online. It offers so many benefits I couldn’t wait to try it. I procured a stock of the oil and began taking it and I can confirm I’m not as hungry. Even better, however, is the shrinking of my stomach fat! I’m so lucky I found something right off the bat that works so well.