Learning to Manage Your Time

When I bought my first house I had convinced myself that I was utterly and completely prepared for it. I was totally ready for it, I tell you in complete 100% sincerity. Of course, what I wasn’t ready for was the sheer amount of upkeep that was necessary to own a home. So here I am, morose and depressed that I suddenly find myself with even less time on my hands than I once had thanks to a house. Owning a home is like having a second job. I found house cleaning in Tampa FL out of desperation – is there any other service out there that can actually make you feel worse than house cleaning services?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m actually a lazy kind of guy. I work a lot so trying to keep a house in good shape is something of a challenge for a single guy like myself. Now I understand why most people wait to have a family to buy a house – at least they have someone else there with them giving them a hand with things like cleaning. Even one person can manage to clutter up a house if they don’t work on it with some consistency and I definitely wasn’t doing that thanks the amount of over time I typically end up working.

So it’s not so bad having someone who can help me with the cleaning. It’s like having a wife but, uhm, not entirely like it at all. She’s a nice enough woman who has managed to do a wonderful job every time she’s come over. I’ve come to trust her enough to give her a key to the house which is a lot like having a significant other but, you know, not like it at all.