Moving into Our New Condo in Singapore

All around the world the idea of home is a powerful force of thought. Have you ever heard the saying about home being where the heart is? Well, our heart is in having a nice home, and what is nice varies from person to person and culture to culture. My grandparents had what some people today would call a shack. My parents were in a rundown apartment when they had me. They worked hard to make sure I had a good education, and now my wife and I are looking at website to get condos for us, my parents and my grandparents.

We are getting a three-bedroom condo at The New Futura as we have a new generation on the way. The place is selling out fast. That is how it is here in Singapore; you need to get in on housing opportunities fast. People buy condos as investments. We did not want to rent through a third-party. We wanted to own our condo. Instead of paying rent, we wanted to invest in our own future. I liked the design and the location of The Futura from the beginning. I saw the details of the project in a brochure before ground was broken to start the project.

I thought that the day of being able to occupy the new condo would never get here. These Singapore condominium housing projects go up fast, but not fast enough for me. My wife and I were both excited ever since we saw the artist conceptual drawings for The New Futura condominium in Singapore. I would go to website several times a day just daydreaming about using the gym, the pools and all of the other fine amenities that were going to be at our new home. Now the time has come for us to be able to move in!