My Neighbor Was Not Convinced Chiropractic Medicine Would Help Until He Actually Went

My neighbor just got his pickup fixed when he had the hood latch fail going down the road. The hood opened up, and the safety catch let loose. The hood folded backwards and smashed the windshield. He got banged up a bit by being thrown around when he went off the road, but he was not seriously injured to the point he would go to the hospital. However, I saw him about a week later, and his back and neck still hurt a lot. I told him to go visit a car accident chiropractor in Chandler that I had been to for regular chiropractic treatments.

It took him a few more days of being in constant discomfort for him to ask me again for the number of my chiropractor. Then it took him a few more days to call and make an appointment. I remember this because of what he said after he finished the chiropractic therapy plan he was put on. He told me that he wished he went the first day I told him about it. He was impressed with the results. The first visit got him enough pain relief that he said he slept like a baby that night. The doctor explained how the body heals, and that it would take more than one visit to get back to optimal health.

My neighbor finished the full course of treatments that the doctor put in his treatment plan. By the time he had his last visit, he said he was feeling better than before the accident. He could move better, sleep better and no longer had that awful burning pain that used to run down the back of his leg into his big toe. He had sciatic trouble long before the accident. He said he never had any confidence in chiropractors before. Now he says he would go back for the slightest back or neck pain.