My Sister Has a New Look Now

I had never been completely happy with how I looked as an adult. I was overweight when I was a teen, but I worked hard after university and lost all my extra weight. I felt beautiful for the first time in my life, but I also knew that there were other things I wanted to have done before I truly liked every aspect of how I looked. The main thing was my neck. I had a bit of loose skin that sagged, but that changed once I found a Singapore aesthetic clinic not too far from where I live.

I went to their website to get some more information, and I was actually stunned when I saw everything that they do there. I never had any trouble with acne, but my younger sister did. I think I was more excited that they would be able to help her than I was with what they could do for me. For me, I just had something small that I wanted done, but I knew that it would completely change how she felt about herself. She is one of those kids who had a really bad case of acne throughout her school years, and she had scars from that.

The first thing they did for her was bring her acne under control, which was actually much easier than either of us thought it would be. Then, they did what they call a laser peel, and then they did filler injections where the scars were. I say were, because they are no longer there. My sister has such clear skin now, and there is no way anyone looking at it now would ever guess she used to have acne scars covering several spots. I had my work done too, but I am most excited about my sister’s new look!