New Baby and a New Two Bedroom Apartment in Forestville MD

We got a big surprise that we had a baby on the way. We have been married for a year, and we were actually told by a doctor that pregnancy would be a slim to none chance. Well, instead of renewing our lease on an old 1 bedroom place we did not really like, we found ourselves looking at 2 bedroom apartments in Forestville MD so we could have an extra bedroom for our baby. The doctors told us that the baby probably would not make it to the second trimester. Well, she has 10 fingers and 10 toes and I know that not because I saw them on an ultrasound, but because I counted them after she was born. She is alive, healthy and looks just like her mom.

With all the worries about the pregnancy and the high risk because of being over 40, we were not given much in the way of good odds throughout the entire pregnancy. I understand why the doctors were the way they were. Being over 40 and having a chronic health condition is not good for pregnancy. Plus, my genes are not what you call being from the best end of the pool when it comes to chronic health issues either. Yes, we were worried, but now we are celebrating that we have a little girl.

So much has changed so fast. We have a daughter and a new apartment. We like our two bedroom place here at Parkland Village. Having a place with a playground has taken on a whole new meaning to us. It was never an amenity we even considered before. Having the new baby in our building has also made us popular with the neighbors. It is our first child when people our age are usually helping out with their grandchildren. I really did not think I had it in me to be able to stay up nights with a restless baby and still be able to put in a full day at work. However, we do it, and we do it gladly. Our precious little girl is worth every sleepless night.