The New Place is Great

The old place where I used to get my manicures closed down because the owner wanted to move to another country and there was no one else that could run the shop for her while she was away. I was sad to see her go, and even sadder because I wouldn’t be able to get a manicure. I had to move on and find another place that would take me. This lead me to an Orchard manicure place that would become my regular location for manicures.

I didn’t just find this place by accident. I had to do some research to find it. There’s always someone willing to open a manicure shop, and as it turned out, quite a few people were willing. Continue reading The New Place is Great

I Won Cleaning Services in a Raffle

I never thought that I would use any kind of home cleaning services for Singapore. It was an odd way that I started using them too. A local charity was having a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness. I ended up purchasing several raffle tickets where the winner would get anything from a mini shopping spree to free hair cuts or cleaning services. I truly never expected to win. I figured I was just donating money to a good cause. When I received the phone call that I had won two months of cleaning services, one of the bigger prizes, I asked if I could transfer it to a friend.

When I found out that I couldn’t, I honestly considered not taking advantage of it. I mean, I was quite capable of cleaning my own home. I decided to go ahead and use the service though, and I am so glad that I did. Continue reading I Won Cleaning Services in a Raffle

It Has to Be Clean

My wife is a bit of a neat freak, and when we bought our first house, she insisted that we hire a pre moving in cleaning for Singapore. I told her that the previous owners of the home would more than likely have the home cleaned before we get there, but she insisted on hiring a service, so I started looking for one online. In the mean time, we packed up all of the items in our apartment, which was quite a hassle. I hadn’t realized that my wife and I collected so many items in the few years that we’ve lived in the apartment.

Packing everything took a couple of days. Continue reading It Has to Be Clean

I Love Getting Manicures Now

I rarely treat myself to anything luxurious. I work hard for my money, and I usually am the one treating others to things. I put myself on the back burner, but that is completely my choice. When my best friend and I went out to dinner not that long ago though, I could not stop looking at her nails. She had the cutest paint job on them, complete with some bling. I knew she had it professionally done, and I decided that I was going to look for a place that does professional manicure in Singapore.

Just because I rarely treat myself to a luxury like this did not mean that I never do. Continue reading I Love Getting Manicures Now

Visiting Relatives and Sleeping on a Pullout Sofa

We went to visit my cousins in California. Being the guy who refuses to displace children or adults from their bedrooms, I decided to be firm that it would be my wife and I who slept on the pullout sofa mattress. My wife could sleep on a rough concrete slab during a snowstorm and be comfortable. I am much more delicate than that. My back hurt so much the next morning I was looking online for a chiropractor in Santa Barbara that I could visit without anyone knowing about it.

I found an office that I could go to, and I got approval from my insurance to visit the office as an out-of-network practice. The copay was a lot higher, but the relief was amazing. I was able to sleep on the pullout sofa mattress for a week without being disabled for the daily activities we were all getting into. The chiropractor had me come in for a couple of more adjustments to get me through the week. My wife had a suspicion my back was hurting, and then she noticed the copay amounts being put on our debit card. Continue reading Visiting Relatives and Sleeping on a Pullout Sofa

Getting My Back Normal After a Ladder Mishap

I remember stepping back on the ladder and there was no floor underneath my foot. I was focusing on the work I had just done up at the ceiling, and thought I was on the last rung of the ladder. Well, I was one up from the bottom. It is an eerie feeling to fall in slow motion. The tile floor was hard, and my back and arm hurt. I did not break anything, but I twisted myself up bad enough to cause me to make an urgent appointment with the Sacramento chiropractors that I have gone to in the past.

I must have really wrenched myself around trying to right myself in order not to hit the floor. It did not work. Continue reading Getting My Back Normal After a Ladder Mishap

The Chiropractor Can Make Her Feel Better

I was trying to think of what I could get my grandmother for her birthday a few months ago. I decided that a trip to the zoo was in order, as she is quite active and it had been years since she had been there. The day was great right up until we left the zoo. She stumbled in the parking lot, and she went down. She laughed about it, but I could tell that she was in pain. Her back was hurting, so I took her to a chiropractor in Peoria once I called and explained what had happened.

I thought that I was going to have to make an appointment for later on in the week, but they were very receptive to my gram’s needs. She thought I was going on about it for naught, but I explained that she is my only gram, and I was going to take care of her the best way I knew how. She insisted that I go with her to the appointment, which was just a given in my mind anyway. When we got there, it was not long before we were taken back to a room, where the chiropractor joined us.

We were both surprised at how quickly everything went. Continue reading The Chiropractor Can Make Her Feel Better

Fixed My Child’s Chronic Ear Infections

No one was more surprised than I when a chiropractor in Beverly Hills managed to fix my child’s seemingly endless series of ear infections. It was such a relief to move past a problem that has consumed at least three years of my child’s life. We spent those three years trying everything under the sun to figure out how to get rid of these infections. We visited more doctors than my husband and I could count, and we tried everything from herbal concoctions to vitamin injections to different diets and nothing seemed to work. It was so frustrating.

When a friend suggested we look into a chiropractor for the ear infections, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Continue reading Fixed My Child’s Chronic Ear Infections

Back Pain and a Date

Sitting in the office of a chiropractor in Redding was not how I wanted to spend my Saturday, but that’s the way life is sometimes. I had a date that day, and everything was going well, until I pulled my back at the rock climbing wall. My date was someone that I would call adventerous, and she loves to go rock climbing for some reason. After I hurt my back, I wanted to cut our date short so I could go to the chiropractor, but she was willing to go with me and continue the date, which was nice of her.

Since I couldn’t really do much else given the state of my back, my date and I decided to go back to my place and watch a movie on the couch. A new movie had just debuted on an online streaming service and I was dying to see it. I popped some popcorn in my air popper, which was fascinating to my date. She had never seen anyone who used an air popper. I guess she was used to only the microwaved stuff and the kind that they serve at the movie theater. As we were watching the movie, I forgot all about my back.

By the time the movie was over, my date and I were tired and nearly about to fall asleep. There was another movie that my date wanted to watch, so I started playing it. As time passed, we weren’t watching the movie anymore and were just making out. Even though my date and I were embraced, I didn’t feel any pain in my back. I’m not sure if it was because of my pain medication, or if it was because of what was happening, but I was enjoying every minute of it regardless of the reason.

I’m Glad Dad Told Me to Make Sure the Furnace Works Before It Gets Too Cold out

I am so glad that my dad was insistent upon me being ready for the world. He taught me how to change a tire on my car, how to protect myself if someone tried to take my purse or a bag off my arm, and how to fix basic computer issues. He also taught me that I needed to check my air conditioner as well as my furnace well before I needed to use either one. He also made sure that I had the number for a reputable HVAC company in NYC as well as a plumber, electrician and car mechanic should something happen that I could not fix on my own.

I knew to change the furnace filters on a regular basis, and I did that. I also knew to check it at least one month before I was going to regularly use it, just to make sure that everything was fine with it. The last two years, I did just that and I had no problems at all. Continue reading I’m Glad Dad Told Me to Make Sure the Furnace Works Before It Gets Too Cold out

Getting That First Time Singapore Experience

A neighbor of mine has a cousin in Singapore. Companies contract different talent to get jobs done. The cousin works for a company that needed an expert with integrating software with a machine that I was very familiar with. I got a job as a subcontractor for a couple of months. My wife and I stayed in Singapore at a residential property they call an Executive Condo. It was a really nice place, and it is actually what you might call the budget properties in Singapore. You can see examples at The New Launch Collections. That website has listings for built and proposed Executive Condominium projects as well as ones that are already occupied. Continue reading Getting That First Time Singapore Experience

Anyone Can Choose a Taste

My friends and I usually go out to drink on Fridays. I’m not that much of a beer connoisseur, so I usually just order the usual beer at the bar. I wanted to taste more than the usual beer, but I wasn’t sure what drinks would suit my tastes. One Friday night while nursing a beer, I came up with a brilliant idea. I did some searching for app development companies, which lead me to That day, my mind gave birth to an idea that would solve my beer woes.

My idea for the app takes all of the beers in the world into account, and arranges them based on how they taste. When I am feeling like having a particular taste from my beer, I can choose in the app that specific taste, and then the app will show me beers that deliver that taste. Continue reading Anyone Can Choose a Taste

Where to Live when Moving to Singapore?

When my boss offered a transfer to Singapore for a new job, my wife and I were excited beyond belief. Of course we need a place to live and that is how we ended up at Seaside Residences. We spent an enormous amount of time researching various apartments and other types of rentals before deciding upon this place. The problem with living in Singapore is finding just the right apartment complex, and there are a lot of them. Singapore is a small place filled to the brim with people. It takes a lot of work to find the right place to live.

We almost got locked into a place that in retrospect wouldn’t have worked out well for us at all. It wasn’t close to transportation hubs or shopping areas, and the commute to work would have taken careful planning and a lot of luck if I was to get into the office in less than an hour. With Seaside Residences, this wasn’t a problem. It’s so close to many transportation options and shopping areas that you rarely need to worry about getting anywhere very quickly. We can literally walk out the door and be somewhere within minutes.

It’s nice to know my wife can get the shopping done without having to wander all around the city. It’s also nice to know I can get to work in about ten minutes. This is a big city with lots of hustle and bustle, so it was a relief to know that I wouldn’t have to be taking a lot of bus transfers around town to get to work. Thanks to our location I save a lot of time daily with the short commute, which leaves me with more time to spend with my wife at the apartment. We really couldn’t be happier with our choice.

New Baby and a New Two Bedroom Apartment in Forestville MD

We got a big surprise that we had a baby on the way. We have been married for a year, and we were actually told by a doctor that pregnancy would be a slim to none chance. Well, instead of renewing our lease on an old 1 bedroom place we did not really like, we found ourselves looking at 2 bedroom apartments in Forestville MD so we could have an extra bedroom for our baby. The doctors told us that the baby probably would not make it to the second trimester. Well, she has 10 fingers and 10 toes and I know that not because I saw them on an ultrasound, but because I counted them after she was born. She is alive, healthy and looks just like her mom. Continue reading New Baby and a New Two Bedroom Apartment in Forestville MD

We Just Got to Kansas City

We just got to the Kansas City area a few days ago, but I had already came ahead on a scouting mission. I took an overnight train out here and rented a car to figure out the lie of the land. After rooting around some I found some apartments for rent in Shawnee KS and that is very convenient to where Amy’s new job is going to be. In fact it is not all that big of a deal where I am, because for the most part I will work out of my car and the apartment. In fact my boss was not all that disappointed when I told him about this. Continue reading We Just Got to Kansas City

I Needed Proof of Income

I was evicted about a year ago from the apartment I was living in. It was not because of anything I had done though. The owner of the building wanted to sell it to a corporation that wanted to tear it down. I was thinking about moving anyway, so this came at a good time for me. I was not expecting to have one small thing trip me up for finding a new apartment though. Everywhere I went wanted me to show them real check stubs for my work pay, which was not possible at the time because I am self employed.

I am a blogger, and I also sell artwork I have created online. Between the two, I make a really good living from it. Continue reading I Needed Proof of Income

Filing for Bankruptcy is Never Easy

When I lost my job, I was not too worried. I knew that times were tough in my industry, but I also felt that I had the qualifications to get hired quickly elsewhere. As it turned out, a lot of other men and women felt the same way, and most of us found ourselves on waiting lists rather than getting hired. I went through my savings quickly, and I was worried I was going to lose my house. That is the main reason I talked with a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer, to see what they would be able to help me with so that did not happen.

At that point, I had been hired at an entry level position, but I was very grateful for the opportunity. Continue reading Filing for Bankruptcy is Never Easy

My Neighbor Was Not Convinced Chiropractic Medicine Would Help Until He Actually Went

My neighbor just got his pickup fixed when he had the hood latch fail going down the road. The hood opened up, and the safety catch let loose. The hood folded backwards and smashed the windshield. He got banged up a bit by being thrown around when he went off the road, but he was not seriously injured to the point he would go to the hospital. However, I saw him about a week later, and his back and neck still hurt a lot. I told him to go visit a car accident chiropractor in Chandler that I had been to for regular chiropractic treatments.

It took him a few more days of being in constant discomfort for him to ask me again for the number of my chiropractor. Then it took him a few more days to call and make an appointment. Continue reading My Neighbor Was Not Convinced Chiropractic Medicine Would Help Until He Actually Went

My Husband Lost His Leg

My husband was involved in a car accident about eight months ago. Some car accidents are minor and people get very lucky, and some accidents are like the one my husband was involved in. He was driving down the freeway when another truck crossed the median and hit his truck head on. My husband lost his right leg and had multiple broken bones and internal injuries. He was unconscious for several days, and I knew that I was going to need to have an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento help me because our future just went from looking bright to looking like our worst nightmare.

Because of the pain he was in, the doctors induced a coma so he would not feel it. They said it would be better for his healing for the first few days, and it would give them a better picture of his prognosis. Continue reading My Husband Lost His Leg

Getting Ready to Move out of the Dormitory

I just became a sophomore at NC State in Raleigh and that means that I do not have to live in the dorms any longer. So I have started to look for an apartment that I can afford and which is on the Wolf Line, which is the University’s bus line. Of course I have sold my beat up old car since it is of very little use to me except when I go home for the holidays. I can take the bus or the train back to High Point and it is not that big of a deal however. In fact you hardly ever find a place to park your car anywhere close to where you want to be on campus and either way it usually takes a good long time to find a spot to park the vehicle. It is a lot easier and a lot quicker to get on the bus. You can track it on the internet and then just walk down to the corner right as it arrives. Continue reading Getting Ready to Move out of the Dormitory