Simple Advice to Enhance Website Design

straight sort of like tyra banks or miranda cosgrove examplesWith so many people out there owning a website or just starting to design one, it can be hard knowing how it can all work in your favor. If you aren’t entirely sure what to do, you can easily appreciate some simple and straightforward advice. Many websites aren’t as eye-catching or set up as well as they could be. Follow some of the following tips and you will see how your website can be easily improved without being a programming genius.

Choose a font that is easy to read for people of all ages. Not everyone has 20/20 vision, this makes it imperative that you choose a font that properly displays and is easily read. Some of the popular fonts such as Verdana and Times New Roman are sufficient, but makes sure that you display text in at least 12 or 14 point lettering.

Avoid choosing colors that are hard on the eyes. Many websites try to set the mood by choosing a black background contrasted with white or red text. A layout with easily clashing colors will prevent people from being able to read what you have to say. Choose a lighter background such as white, beige or pastel colors with dark lettering such as black or navy blue.

Make sure that your graphics display properly on your website and the graphics are able to load properly. It is imperative that you keep in mind that some people have older computers or a slower Internet connection. Choose graphics that are easily displayed and save them in .jpg format. Saving your files in .jpg format will allow the full resolution bit of the picture to display. In lesser terms, your pictures will not appear grainy or low quality.

Your website should be easy to navigate as well! Don’t make people guess where your links are. Make sure you have a clear navigation bar that re-directs to the correct webpages. By choosing to do this and using some simple precautions, your website will serve its full potential.