Rolling out the New Drink

I’ve been drinking soda since I was a kid, but when I became older, I didn’t really care for the ones that were being sold in stores. They just didn’t taste as great as they did when I was younger, and I wanted something with a better flavor. I came up with the idea of making my own soda, and I tailored it just to my own tastes. My friends tried the soda and said that I should sell it. I went to a company mobile app development in Singapore, because I wanted people to be able to buy my soda through the app.

By using an app, people would be able to buy the soda no matter where they were, and it would be delivered to them in the same day. Getting my soda into a store would be a difficult feat, especially since a lot of companies are competing for shelf space. In an online setting, I can have complete control over what gets sold and how it is given to the customers. The app just makes everything easier from a customer standpoint, and for me as a manufacturer and deliverer.

My initial orders for the soda started out small because not enough people knew about the soda and the app, but once more people learned about them, the orders went up, and I had to make some changes to make sure that orders went out in time. I hired more people to help me put the soda into bottles and to put those bottles into boxes. I also had to get some people to help me drive the soda to the customers. I found this to be a better solution than shipping because of the possibility of the goods being damaged in transport when going through the mail.