Singapore Doctors Are More Understanding About My Nose

After living in Singapore for 10 years, I finally felt confident enough to search out for a aesthetic doctor. For years, I have been unhappy with my nose and wanted it smaller and to get rid of the bump on the bridge of my nose. Finding the right aesthetic doctor in Singapore was my last thing needed for me to feel at home in Singapore. It sounds silly, but I never felt myself with the nose I was given.

Back in the US, I went to so many doctors about my nose and since I wanted it purely for cosmetic reasons and because I was in late teens and early twenties, none of them took me seriously. I thought all hope would be lost on this and I would have to leave with my nose forever. It was large and resembled a oversized witch nose. It was not a cute look. When I moved to Singapore, I didn’t think to seek out a aesthetic doctor at all. Not until after living there a while.

As soon as I felt “at home” in Singapore, I did search around for a doctor. I just wanted a consultation and expected the same outcome that I have always received of “you are not in the right mindset” or “you are too young” However, the consultation was free and I had nothing to lose from going anyway. I got an appointment and was actually shocked when I explained what I wanted a consultation for was being met by “Perfectly understandable!” and not “Are you sure?”

The day of the consultation, I went in a little more hopeful for the outcome but also still pensive about the experience. I’ve never seen a Singapore doctor for anything other than routine check-ups or for the occasional illness that crept up on me. This experience, however, was met with the best care and the best staff. I felt at home and I felt like I was being cared for. The staff was knowledgeable and never once made me feel like I was making a mistake with my questions. The doctor was really knowledgeable and did asked me once is this was something that I wanted. That made me concerned, but he was perfectly understanding with I explained how long and how annoyed I was with my nose.

After the consultation, I finally felt hope about my nose and the procedure. Granted, I didn’t schedule a surgery with the aesthetic doctor right then and there. He told me to “shop around” and find the best doctor for me and have the procedure done with them. I think now I am more relaxed and will do that. However, my experience with him was top notch and I think I might end up where I started with the journey. Only the ending, I might look different with a better looking nose!