The New Place is Great

The old place where I used to get my manicures closed down because the owner wanted to move to another country and there was no one else that could run the shop for her while she was away. I was sad to see her go, and even sadder because I wouldn’t be able to get a manicure. I had to move on and find another place that would take me. This lead me to an Orchard manicure place that would become my regular location for manicures.

I didn’t just find this place by accident. I had to do some research to find it. There’s always someone willing to open a manicure shop, and as it turned out, quite a few people were willing. I personally went to all of these shops and looked around to see how many customers they had at different times, and how clean the shops looked. If the shops had high traffic during the days and times that I would normally go, then it would be pretty hard for me to get in without making an appointment far in advance. If the shops weren’t clean, then there would be a chance that I could get some kind of infection from the manicure.

At the new manicure shop, I was treated like a very valuable customer, even though it was my first time going there. They greeted me politely and sat me down in a timely manner. I could never tell this to the old shop owner who left the country, but I liked the new place better than her. She would probably even enjoy getting a manicure from them and could learn some things that would help her out in her business venture. If she ever comes back, I’m sure she’ll find out about this place eventually, if she doesn’t already know.