The Perfect Location for a Condo

I looked at every single detail available to me before making a decision to invest in New Futura. I really liked everything I saw with it, and the location is just fabulous. I had actually passed on several condo units mainly because of where they are located. I am the type of person who wants my cake and to eat it too. I want to be close to the action, but I do not want it right at my door step either. I want to have privacy where I live, but I do not want to have to take 40 minutes to get somewhere either.

This District 9 development is a quick walk to Orchard Road, where I can find anything and everything I would need. It is not right next to the development though, and it gives it a very serene setting because of this. After approving the location, I looked at the different facets that will make this development unique. There are so many developments in quite a few districts, so each new one has to stand out in some way. I found out that this one does just fine with all their features and the condo designs too, and the location is what truly makes this place shine.

I looked at each floor plan, and it almost had me wishing I had a large family for the five bedroom penthouse unit. It is just my wife and myself, and our two dogs, so that would be a bit too much. The nice thing about this place though is that the two bedroom units are just as nice, albeit a lot smaller. With just the four of us though, it really is all we will need. There is even a dog park there for our two pups to play at!