Visiting Relatives and Sleeping on a Pullout Sofa

We went to visit my cousins in California. Being the guy who refuses to displace children or adults from their bedrooms, I decided to be firm that it would be my wife and I who slept on the pullout sofa mattress. My wife could sleep on a rough concrete slab during a snowstorm and be comfortable. I am much more delicate than that. My back hurt so much the next morning I was looking online for a chiropractor in Santa Barbara that I could visit without anyone knowing about it.

I found an office that I could go to, and I got approval from my insurance to visit the office as an out-of-network practice. The copay was a lot higher, but the relief was amazing. I was able to sleep on the pullout sofa mattress for a week without being disabled for the daily activities we were all getting into. The chiropractor had me come in for a couple of more adjustments to get me through the week. My wife had a suspicion my back was hurting, and then she noticed the copay amounts being put on our debit card. She laughed and told me how stubborn I was. However, she did not want anyone in the house to not be able to sleep in their own beds either. Guests that try to avoid that kind of disruption on a visit end up being much more welcome the next time.

She told me that I was doing very well for having such a delicate back. She told me that she has been waking up a bit stiff in her lower back too. We were very glad to get back home to our own bed. I did not need a chiropractor to adjust my back anymore after we got home. A good night of sleep on our mattress had me feeling great the next day.