We Just Got to Kansas City

We just got to the Kansas City area a few days ago, but I had already came ahead on a scouting mission. I took an overnight train out here and rented a car to figure out the lie of the land. After rooting around some I found some apartments for rent in Shawnee KS and that is very convenient to where Amy’s new job is going to be. In fact it is not all that big of a deal where I am, because for the most part I will work out of my car and the apartment. In fact my boss was not all that disappointed when I told him about this. Amy was getting a huge promotion and we could not really turn them down, even though it meant that we would have to move half of the way across the country. I thought it meant that I was going to have to find a new job, but my boss had a different plan.

Of course we have a big sales network in the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic area, but we have been looking for areas to expand to for some time. When I told the boss about this he simply started to examine how attractive the market was in this area and since then I have been researching what is going to be our client base in this part of the country. In fact the bad thing is that I could be covering the entire middle of the nation. However I am going to pretty much be the boss too and so I can do things the way that I think that they should be done, obviously that depends a lot on the results. So long as I make the sales no one is going to be looking over my shoulder.